Friday, September 2, 2011

Keeping Things on Hand ...

I mentioned during explaining my household and recipe binders, about stockpiling or keeping things on hand.

To me, having things on hand is:
  •  not having to go to the store at the last minute
  • having your own store in your home
  • keeping your sanity when in the middle of a recipe or needing toilet paper
Do you remember the movie Blast From the Past?

I think that my favorite part is when Sissy Spacek is shopping her basement which was stockpiled with food!

If it was only that easy!

I am fascinated by people who stockpile and create their own stores in their home. When I talk about stockpiling, I am not talking about hording. I am just talking about having enough items on hand to last you a little while.

The first order of keeping things on hand is creating storage in your home. Remember our pantry remodel? We created a lot of storage there as well as the laundry room. These two places hold most of our food, cleaning products, etc.

The closet in our guest bath is very deep and holds all of our household items that deal with cleanliness.

Like most of you, I clip coupons and go to Sam's.

Right now I have a good stock of condiments, dish detergent, pasta, toothpaste, and soap, and I would love to learn more at shopping at CVS!

One thing that I learned over the last year, (thanks Lea Ann!), is that you can buy ground chuck in bulk, cook it, and then freeze it in quart bags. So, when you get ready to make a meal for a pound of ground chuck, just put it in the fridge the night before to thaw, and it is ready to go in your meal!

I love buying about 5lbs of ground beef, making hamburger patties, and then cooking the rest and dividing it into 1 lb bags. I freeze everything, and just pull out what I need throughout the month for our meals.

This may take a little time on the front in, but saves a lot of time on the other end!
What items are a must for you to keep on hand?



  1. LOVE this post. We do the same thing. No more going to the grocery store every week, and it's nice to know you have things on hand. We take advantage of Sams quite a bit — but we also love the DG (dollar general). It's great for stopping in for things like milk, bread, etc. I agree, storage is key which is why we have two hall closets just for storage. Hope you Ken, and sweet Toots have a wonderful labor day weekend. And thanks for all the prayers — I'm about to make the announcement on the blog. =)

  2. I love keeping things on hand, and with Costco it seems easy. But, I also like to go through a time where I use up everything and start over fresh!


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