Friday, July 15, 2011

Recipe Binder

If you have come back after yesterday's post, HELLO and THANK YOU!

Oh, how I love food and everything about it - the flavors, the first taste of something scrumptious, and the recipes behind them.

Part of a home and a housekeeping is good food. This may be cooking, dialing, going, or taking out a fabulous meal! Whatever it is, to me, food brings people together! I'm Baptist, what can I say!

Normally, I plan my meals by the month. This mostly works for us, but I want to try a bi-weekly menu. The reason - I want to keep our menu fresh and varied (we have a lot of chicken recipes!) and to coupon/shop sales better. With this new goal, I wanted to try this approach:

Create a menu with different themes for each day. For example you could have:

Monday: Beef
Tuesday: Casserole
Wednesday: Chicken
Thursday: Slow Cooker
Friday: Mexican
Saturday: Italian
Sunday: Light (salad and loaded potatoes)

We don't eat at home every day, but we eat at home most days!

When researching better meal planning, I found creating a variety weekly meal plan helps in planning, helps keep your menu fresh and varied, and helps know what to expect each night.

Again, I am sure if you are not craving Mexican on your mexican, you can switch it up.

For me, being flexible while having a plan = sanity!

So in order to easily create a variety menu, I made these two lists:

Quick glance at what recipes I have in our binder to create a varied bi-weekly menu. I compiled this list of recipes that we eat on a regular basis along with some new recipes that we tried this summer.
All 27ish of them.

  • I like having the actual recipes so that I'm not constantly looking up or flipping to the recipes.
  • I just have it and go or have it if Ken wants to start dinner. Ha! 
  • It will help me to quickly create my shopping list as well.

I am very excited to be sharing these recipes that I have collected over the years!

I will also use our monthly calendar to plan the meals so if we are out of town, want to eat out, or have plans, we can plan our menu around that.

With this binder,

I feel that this will help me quickly plan our meals, so I will never have to wonder,
"What's for Dinner?"
Also, I wanted to share a blog Plain Chicken that has awesome, simple recipes that are very inspiring!


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  1. I have got to get it together like you! We are opposite right now-- eating out is the norm and me cooking is a treat! I want to do a 180!


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