Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Updo for Our Redo - A Sneak Peak

So remember when our laundry room looked like this:

Then looked like this:

Well then we added some hanging cabinets that my father gave us. After some elbow grease, a lot of primer, even more paint, and a husband with mad drilling skills we have this:

It is not complete. I would love to accent the cabinets without the doors. Maybe paint the back the same color as the trim in the room or find some fun scrapbook paper. Next week it Spring Break, so the sky is the limit!

This side will hold laundry supplies and extras like light bulbs, paper towels, and other extras I find on sale.

This side will be my craft side. I cannot wait to reorganize all of my craft supplies! So until then enjoy the pictures and share your ideas!!!

I think I like the bins this way. I am missing one due to them being on clearance at Lowe's and I bought all they had.

Loving my little plants!

On another note, I am so excited about our girls weekend. One of my dear friends has bought a house and would like for some of us girls to come and help her. I can't wait to see it and paint whatever doesn't move. She has a lot of furniture from Craig's list that is begging her to paint them. I will share pictures, with her permission of course, when I get back. Ken and Tootsie will be on their own!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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