Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Well, I am sure you have been wondering what on earth has happened to me.

Let me tell you.

Apparently when you combine long hours at work and this lovely weather you get a sore throat and are really, really tired.

Then you sit at the doctor's office for 3.5 hours to find your diagnoses:

A sore throat and you need rest.

Thank you, I had no idea, and I really appreciate the drugs that made me:

Anxious, sleepy, and drainy ...

Which mades me combine foods like this:


To get this ...

I liked it or maybe the it was the medication liking it. Who knows. I may have to try it again.

So it has taken me a week to get over that. I caught up on my sleep and on TruBlood but not up on my social calendar until this weekend ...

My social calendar kicked my tail.

However, I want to officially name this weekend ...

"A Weekend of a Million Laughs, Racing, and Thank Goodness I am Back Home!"

Friday Night when we arrived in the great state of Mississippi, we celebrated Ken's aunt's birthday with one of my favorite foods - pizza. 

Saturday morning was a whirl wind with everyone going in different directions and my direction was North. 

After I raced Baby sister on the Interstate that is ...
Let's just say, her Volvo has a better and bigger engine that I do, but I enjoyed the rush.

I did a little Christmas shopping and then met a friend - who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent - to work on a shower for this little lady.

Middle sister joined us for a riveting afternoon of stalking the local Michael's and Jo Ann's (I had no idea that Jo Ann's takes all the competitive coupons) and to play on the Cricut.

Then we went out on the town. Downtown that is where everything is waiting for you.

Oh, how I missed downtown Memphis! I certainly made up for it Saturday night.

We went to a little neat place called Old Trolley Stop and had my favorite food again.

The funny part is, Middle Sister and I shared this ...

And my friend - who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent - ordered this for herself.

We died out laughing. In her defense, her husband was going out of town and she wanted something to heat up fast.

I would have done the same thing.

However, when we returned to her house, she brought out a half bucket of chicken that she ate on for lunch Friday. She said that she could have this for the rest of the week.

We died out laughing.

I told her that I never knew anyone that did their meal planning around what restaurant she frequented.

To each their own.

We also went to the Cheesecake Corner to drool over this ...

And I definitely ate every bit of mine

and might would have licked my plate, but I was in public.

My mother taught me better. We sometimes call my mother the Black Crow because she will swoop down on you before you know it. She thinks it is funny. Just thought you needed to know.

Middle Sister realized when she was in line that it was her third time to be there this week.

See that is what I miss!

Sunday morning, our social calendar started at 8:00 with breakfast with some of my mother's family from up North.

Then church, another birthday party, visited my sweet Betty Love, and a 50th anniversary party.

Party animal I know.

I was thankful to be back at our house and look forward to a quiet crafty weekend at home.

Happy, Happy Week!

May we never forget those that have fought and died so that we have freedom!


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  1. I've been missing your blog posts! Sorry you've been sick. What a fun weekend! That cheesecake looked divine.


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