Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Garden this Month ...

I have quite a few things growing this month ...

Right now there are blue haired ladies 

Surprising Gerber Daisies

Sweet Smelling Gardenias

Stella Lilies 



Zinnias and ...

Zinnia seedlings



which I do not think I will be eating, but the flower is beautiful! 

And lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce

that demands to be picked twice a week! 


~ Once a week weeding and chopping grass in the garden
~ Once a week maintaining the weeds in the flower beds
~ Watering every three days for at least an hour! Thank goodness for our drip systems in our flower beds. I just make sure that my hanging baskets are watered when necessary. 

This is an easy and beautiful month! 

What I look forward to next month:

~ Watching my zinnias grow
~ Picking my green hydrangeas 
~ Picking vegetables from my garden and putting up for winter 
~ Making BLT's and squash.


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