Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bacon Tomato Cornbread Sandwiches

(please know that I normally don't measure when I cook, so if you do, just email and ask. If you don't measure either, we will get along great!)

"Creative Messes" often lead to wonderful food.

This is exactly what happened on a moody Saturday ...

Serves 2-3 or really serves 3 and 2 people just split it.

Bacon Tomato Cornbread Sandwiches

Corn bread
Use your favorite recipe or mix.

Bacon and Fried Green Tomatoes

6 pieces bacon, fried
1 large green tomato
1 egg
1/2 buttermilk
(did you know that you can mix 1 cup of milk and 1 tbsp of lemon juice or white vinegar to make buttermilk. This is how I roll with the buttermilk.)
1/2 cup or more corn meal
1/2 cup or more all purpose flour

In a skillet, cook bacon until crisp.

While bacon is cooking slice the tomato, salt and pepper, and let stand for about 15 minutes as you mix up the other ingredients.

Three bowls:
Bowl #1: Mix Cornmeal, all purpose, salt, pepper, and any other season.
Bowl #2: Buttermilk
Bowl #3: Egg

When bacon is finished, leave the lovely bacon grease in the skillet. Take the tomatoes, dip in the buttermilk, then the egg, and the dry mixture. Then put the breaded tomatoes in the bacon grease for about 2-3 minutes or until crispy. Flip and crisp the other side.

Don't do this ..

Because it could lead to this ...

Once everything is ready, cut your cornbread in half, add your favorite condiment and then stack your fried green tomato and bacon for a very Southern Saturday Night Sandwich.


  1. I watched Fried Green Tomatoes on Saturday. LOVE when she "becomes" Towanda!!!

  2. Haven! This looks divine! I haven't had any fried green tomoatoes this summer...AT ALL! Love!! Thanks for your sweet post! I am trying to get more involved and meet some new folks!

  3. Haven, these look incredible! Your blog makes me want to climb inside it and pop up at your kitchen table! You are simply delightful, I wish I lived near you!

    Your cousin,


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