Friday, May 18, 2012


My Irises came, saw, conquered, and are now gone.

There are many flowers that I pick to make bouquets to enjoy in the house and at school, but irises are not one of them. I love looking at their beautiful colors in my yard. 

They were beautiful and abundant.

I did not know why, until I read in this book to cut the old seed pods off so that the plants can focus on next year's blooms. 

Alabama & Mississippi Gardener's Guide

I still didn't remember until I began the daunting task of cutting the seed pods off again. 

And then it hit me! I did this last year

Boy, were the blooms were showing off, and now I know why! 

I wish they could continue to flower throughout the summer, but for now, I will look forward to next year's blooms!


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