Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Highlights ...

This weekend, like most, was wonderful! I will start this post off similar to Sofia, however it will probably end up being a Rose Nylind story - AKA it will be long.

I am writing memories for us so that when we are older, Ken can pull out our blog books and read them to me so I can try to remember the good old days. Ha! (Name this movie)

Picture it:

A beautiful November weekend that started on a Thursday night as a happy couple made their way to Nashville for a quick getaway and to try to finish up some Christmas shopping.

They arrived at the hotel, where the valets insisted on valeting our car. Um, okay.

The 10th floor room was fabulous so a quick change over was due to go out on the town.

(Still trying to figure out this fixed lense!)

Downtown Nashville was hopping with fun bands, good food, and good times! What fun the happy couple had going from one place to the next.

It only took an hour before the lovely lady tore her panty hose. It seems that her hose only has a one time use stamped on them. Yes, I have stock in panty hose, why do you ask?

After a restful night sleeping in a king sized bed, glamorous I tell you, the lovely couple went downstairs to enjoy some breakfast.

This hotel was kinda fancy, and not being used to fancy, the couple simply helped themselves to the wonderful breakfast bar. Half way through, they realized that this breakfast was not complimentary. What a good laugh that they had over the bill. The breakfast was the most expensive meal of the day. You can't cry over spilled milk, but you better believe that they got a second plate of bacon. 

(Clearly, we are not used to this kind of treatment. We like to go to hotels where we park our own cars and eat a free breakfast.)

After the lovely, expensive breakfast, they couple went back to their deal bargaining ways and used two Groupons for two tours that they would be doing on Friday. The first was a tour for two of the Ryman Auditorium where they thoroughly enjoyed the magic they felt there with the wooden pews, colored glass windows, and blinging outfits that have adorned the stage.

After this musical tour, they used the other Groupon for a tour for two at the Belmont Mansion. They were more impressed with this house than any house they toured in Savannah.

The rest of the day, they shopped 'til they dropped. Literally. It was 8:30, and they ordered pizza at a different hotel in Franklin, TN due to being so tired. Their goal was to finish their Christmas shopping, and they were halfway there. 

The next morning, they began our Christmas shopping journey at the Cool Springs Mall. They chose to not have a repeat of Friday's breakfast, so they headed up to Chick-Fila. As they entered the food court, they saw several children dancing and quickly realized that the children was simply passing the time until the Rockettes came and did a number for all to see.  Then Santa Claus came to take the children off to his village. Even the Chik-Fila cow came to the celebration.

Now that is what I call being wined and dined at breakfast - good food and good entertainment.

After a full day of accomplishing their goal, they meandered into downtown Franklin and visited The Factory at the suggestion of a friend. Who they ran into later at the Factory! :) It was so neat, and downtown Franklin was fascinating. They vowed that next year, they would be staying and doing more in Franklin! 

They enjoyed the trip so much that they took the scenic route home and stumbled upon another town that was having a celebration! How much fun they had strolling around and looking at the excitement that the town had to offer!  

It was a beautiful November weekend full of surprises and fulfillment! One that the lovely couple hopes to make a tradition!

You never know what you are going to see!



  1. We visited Franklin and the Factory last month.....and loved it! I told Jonathon that we could put the for sale sign in the yard and move there. Glad you had time you are in Franklin go to Dumplins for lunch....get the fruit tea! Yummy!

  2. I'm laughing with you at the not so free breakfast bar at the hotel. And trust me, you and Ken aren't the first to have this happen. Oh yes, Terry and I have made this assumption and found out later the hard way. LOL $38 for breakfast is a little ridiculous and no, it wasn't the best breakfast I've ever had either! Love all the photos!!! Look like y'all had a great time!


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