Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finds from the Weekend

As I mentioned in my post before, we visited the Factory in Franklin, Tn. The Factory is an old stove factory where they have now turned it into a place for artists to share their work. They also have an antique store in which I found this beauty ...

I have been wanting one, and I found it in a booth that was crammed full of good stuff. The kind of booth where you wedge yourself in the middle of it and basically sit so you are surrounded by whimsical items. The price said $20, and I smiled and explained to the little fan that it would be going home with me!

As we traveled the back roads, we passed a Goodwill, were our car stopped on command. Luckily a TSC was next door, so my husband was occupied as I was in search of old books to tear apart. My heart may stop when I do this, but I am determine to make my Christmas decorations this year. Yes, I realize that this is crazy, believe me I get bugged eyed myself, but I just want to try it.

I was most excited over the dictionary and hymnal.

Can't wait to show you progress! For know the ideas are all in my head, and I hope I can make them as good as they appear in this crazy brain of mine.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Um, where was the antique shop and how did I miss it? Oh well we have the aunts road trip this weekend and will be heading to Franklin....YES! Love that place! I too am using an old hymnal to make some Christmas decor.....if you show me yours I'll show you mine....blahaha!


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