Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Merry Christmas Banner

So I knew that I would be taking pictures with my crazy friends when we recently met up in Columbus, so I thought I could get a head start with some Christmas pictures. I so wanted a “Merry Christmas” banner, so
I decided to update my from last year!

So basically, you get modge podge (apparently the clearance kind from Walmart! :), a sponge brush, and glitter.

This is not the prettiest glitter, but it was what I had.

This is a very simple process:

Brush some modge podge on your letters and then glitter the heck out of it.

Occasionally take your finger and pat the glitter down. Add some jute and you have a very cute Christmas banner.

It was so simple. Really

Last year, Hobby Lobby had the “Christmas” banner and Ken made the “Merry” words out of wood for me. I now know that we can also save the cardboard from the cereal boxes and cut out words on my Cricut with the deep cutting blades. So great plans for this technique for Christmas!

So what is getting you in the Christmas spirit?



  1. I love it! Good job! This may be what I do to my mantle this year instead of the lighted garland since I NOW have a mantle--EXCITED!!

  2. Such a cute idea. Does the glitter fall off easily? We use a mesh on the Christmas tree and add glittery ribbon to accent the mesh and it leaves a mess. Literally, you can still see glitter two or three months after taking the tree down.

    And what's getting me in the Christmas spirit.... shopping honey, don't you know! =)

  3. Great job! It turned out really nice! What font did you use on your cricut?
    Thank you!


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