Friday, July 29, 2011

Architectural Interest of Savannah and Tybee ...

Today, I am going to wrap up this week with some beauty that I found in Savannah and Tybee.

One of my favorite pictures!

Old Abadoned Hospital that offers ghost tours. This will be the one that I will go on next time!

Forsyth Fountain

Sherman's Headquarters

Juliette Gordon Low House

1996 Olympic Torch

Oops! How did that get in there? Oh well, this had a lot of architectural interest in Atlanta!

This was an excellant spot to stretch our legs for about an hour. I don't recommend going through Ikea in an hour or taking your husband over 30 minutes! I can't wait to go back and "strech my legs!"
Happy Weekend!



  1. I LOVE these photos!! You have a fantastic eye for amazing shots!! Thanks for sharing, friend!! You must have been thinking about me and LeaAnn at one point in your picture snapping...know what I am talking about?? :)

  2. LOVE all the pictures. I love love the church pictures. So beautiful.

  3. You made me miss my Savannah! Great shots! Wish we were still living there so we could have visited with you guys! :)


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