Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Highlights ... Birthday Edition

I hope you all had a great weekend. I am so enjoying this weather with the sweet breeze on my face, colorful leaves falling all around, and being all warm and toasty at night! Just wonderful!

Well, a few days ago I mentioned I was almost 30, but it was official Wednesday.

I wasn't expecting much at all in terms of celebrating, but my family blew the lid off of this!

My husband cooked me pancakes for breakfast and gave me the most perfect card. I don't know how Hallmark knew our story, they just did, and made a birthday card out of it. He also gave me a new lense for my camera! Yay!

My parents along with Ken surprised me after school with 30 balloons from my sisters! Ha! They then whisked me after to my favorite restaurant where we met one of my cousins for dinner. My sweet mama made me a homemade New York Syle Cheesecake that was scrumptious. I am still enjoying this!

I received many birthday cards that I know have displayed in my living room!

The grand finale of my birthday was when Middle and Baby Sister came to visit and insisting on spoiling me all weekend!

Friday night I took them to the Po'boy Factory and we went to see Tower Heist. It was pretty interesting.

Saturday, we went to Lynchburg, TN where we ate at the famous Miss Mary Bobo's Boardinghouse.

May I say that it was delightfully delicious? Because it was.

My favorite was the Jack Daniel's apples and the fudge pie with Jack Daniel's whipping cream.  

Then we went next door to the Jack Daniel's Distillery and toured the facilities. We used the facilites as a back drop of our photo shoot that we took throughout. Ha! If you remember, Middle Sister is a photographer. So pictures on this trip was a must!

Tour Guide!

Saturday night we went downtown and ate at a really good pizza place, and spent the rest of the evening riding around looking at the antebellum homes, cottages, and bungalows that many downtown neighbors consist of. We also rescued a white pumpkin! Ha!

This 30th birthday was very much cherished! Thank you to my family and friends that made it special!

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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  1. It sounds like your birthday was really fun! I'm glad your husband and mom and sisters made it special for you! Great pictures!


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