Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Break Highlights

This past week, we had Fall Break. That's right folks, a whole week!

So this week I have been trying to interview for the housewife position at our house.

It is not going to happen, but a girl can dream right?

So what did I do for a whole week?

Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Caught up on all my doctor's appointments.

Allowed my dentist to torture me. Twice.
Had wonderful company - my sweet Betty Love, Big Daddy, and Uncle Bubba (everyone needs an Uncle Bubba!) - and visited with any family within a 100 mile radius. Sometimes twice.

Made another Sock-It-To-Me cake so my guests would have something sweet on arrival!

Cooked a fabulous breakfast of Quiche and Sausage Muffins!

Chased a chipmunk with the Tootsie Girl!

Painted a sample color of paint on part of the kitchen wall and just waited for it to paint the rest itself.

Cut many, many pennets out for many, many, feet of banner.

I even made many mini banners.

Made a corsage:

Showers, people! Showers - that is my middle name.

Came up with a plan to simplify Christmas (This is huge folks! I was struggling with even putting up a Christmas Tree, but now I got a plan! More on this later!)

Caught up on Desperate Housewives, Pan Am, and Revenge. I love Revenge!

Fed my Pinterest addiction!

Finished painting the kitchen with the hubster. See, it did finally get painted.

Cuddled with Tootsie. Walked Tootsie. Played with Tootsie.

Tootsie. Tootsie. Tootsie!
(Here you go, Joy!)

Went to Columbus, MS for a fabulous shower for this expectant mother! Can't wait to share all the details this week.

I got to hang out with these lovely ladies and we had so much fun discussing college life together, marriage life, and babies.

What a fun, but tiring part of life! Don’t I just have beautiful friends? They are on both the inside and out.

So when you are with your friends and one is a pretty good photography, you have a photo shoot. Everywhere.

This beautiful lady is really too twisted for colored TV.

If she ever has a photography business, it will be the on the list of Awkward Family Pictures. She is so creatively funny and has a handsome family.

We also reenacted the scene from Fried Green Tomatoes.

Just kidding … we had a mini-shoot on the railroad tracks. Good stuff!

Tootsie girl had a lot of fun with her dog sitter while we were gone. This was so much better than the kennel, and our girl was great!
Finally finished a project that has been in my head for many weeks! More on that later as well!

Hope your weekend went well!
So this week, I am looking forward to seeing all my awesome 8th graders, coming up with a November Menu and a Thanksgiving Menu, and just enjoying this wonderful weather.



  1. Haven, I love your new kitchen!!! Beautiful. It looks like a post on pinterest!

  2. YAY... I got my Tootsie fix! Girl, you were busy, busy during your fall "break." Love all the photos and there is NEVER a bad time for a photo shoot!! =) Have a wonderful week!


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