Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

I realize that this slogan has been thrown around hear and there, but it just makes me smile!

Therefore, I decided to make a banner.

Here is how you can make one too.

What you need:

Jute and burlap cut into triangles ...


Fabric Paint.

(Now that sweet Martha Stewart has new paint that will go on any surface including fabric. I purchased this, however, before she let me know.)

and Freezer paper. Not shown because I am a dork. I probably should have warned you, this is my version of a "somewhat" of a tutorial.

So if you have a Cricut, cut the freezer paper to size and place the shiny side down on the sticky mat.

If you don't have a Cricut, you might could try using Microsoft Word and create words in outline form. Then just cut. I am unsure if you can print on the freezer paper, but you could try or just use heavy card stock.

Placing the shiny side on the fabric, iron your freezer paper onto the burlap. Please notice I left some of the letters in the stencil. This is due those lovely small pieces in "A's" and "P's." You can remove those later with an Exacto knife. Remember that ironing on burlap is tough, so make sure you go over it a couple of times.

Next, using a sponge, paint on your stencils.

Wait about 5 minutes or as long as you can stand it for the paint to dry.

Using your jute and hot glue your cute little triangles on it. Make sure that you leave a little jute on the end to tie wherever you want.

And here you go ...

I can't wait to show you our front door decor ... but you will have to wait until next week!

Oh well, I will be good and share with you a sneak peak ...

And in case you missed my fall decor you can go here:

I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

I am going to be someone's working mule, but I will let you know all about it on Monday!



  1. This banner is so cute! I love anything with burlap :) And that Martha - she's always coming up with something great!

  2. Happy Fall Haven, Ken & Toots!! Love the banner! And burlap is coming back big this fall!! Don't forget to stop by and enter to win my giveaway on the blog... they would be a great addition to your house!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment! The room is ok. I got repainted it and added a few more things to the shelves. I am still looking for a few things here and there. I haven't decided on a color for the back yet so,it is definitely a work in progress. Thanks for asking!:)


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