Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Decor ... Living Room

I don't know if you receive Better Homes and Gardens, however their September cover fascinated me! I had to somewhat recreate it so off to Pier One I went!

I knew they would have something and what could be better than ginko leaves?( I am a "W" girl through and through!)

I shopped my house and pulled this white vase out of the guest bedroom. I paired it with some marbles and fabric leaves ...

I love keeping the corks from wine bottles. I has taken me 2 years to collect this! The ones that look rough were the ones I opened. I haven't quite got the hang of it!

I love how it looks in my pottery!

I love this look. The textures, the pottery, the colors! I had so much fun doing this!

Tomorrow, you will meet the dining room!



  1. It looks great Haven! You are so talented! Looking forward to the rest of your home!

  2. This looks beautiful! I am terrible at decorating - I need you to come to my house and do some fall decorations!

  3. If I'm the one opening the wine... we would not be using those corks! LOL I'm loving the use of white... that's why I chose the white candles. And we are using solid white china this year, too. I'm excited about the new season and decor!!


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