Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Decor ... Breakfast Room

Since we do not have a mantle, I am so glad that we made this to display seasonal decor.

I made the banner here and will share how I did that with you tomorrow.

I also made the "tree" by finding a twig outside and cutting out various leaves out of scrapbook paper. I then hot glued the scrapbook leaves onto the twigs combining a couple of different colors.

I spray painted some pumpkins that I had on hand cream. I wanted to do this to all my pumpkins, but backed out. Part of me likes the orange, but the other part loves the cream! There is always next year!

I picked up some acorns out of my brother-in-law's yard. I have never seen some so big!

I also made a little garland with leftover scrapbook leaves.

Tomorrow - A "somewhat" tutorial on the banner!



  1. The acorn comment of you never seeing them so big just made me laugh out loud! The reason....the other day while shopping in Hobby Lobby with my husband he walks up to some fake acorns and yells out "Wow, those are some big nuts!" I of course did what any great wife would do and turned around and walked off! :) Hoping to set up our fall decor this weekend. I worked on wreath yesterday while sitting at home...did I tell you I was getting my wisdom teeth removed? They are now gone and I think some of wisdomous is gone too! :) Keep posting Fall ideas! Love and miss ya!

  2. Love it! You are just so talented. I wish I had just a tad of your creativity. :) I always say that I am going to stop at an antique store/thrift store and look for a old with a mantle and sides and somehow attach it to the wall but, I have been successful! :) Something like this possibly.... Can't wait to see the turorial!!

  3. that should read have NOT been successful. ha


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