Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Highlights ...

My Friday started much like it did last week except that I got up at 4 am. What’s a girl to do at 4 am?

Cook a big breakfast!

I have officially labeled us the “coughing, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, running nose, ain’t-getting-no-rest” household. We can’t kick it and refuse to go to the doctor. Ain’t that a kick in the head? We just continue to pour the Nyquil and take the Zyrtec D.

After explaining to my students that if my lung happened to fly across their desk to bring it back to me, I hurried home so that we could spread our germs in Columbus, MS. Here we visited with this knocked up lady and worked in her baby’s nursery. I really thought she was going to work us like mules, but she didn’t and we had a lot of fun. While the boys hung trim, we painted a rug, organized baby clothes, and distressed a dresser that didn’t really want to be distressed. Talk about elbow grease. Lea Ann made the comment, “Is your distressed dresser stressing you?” That’s the truth!

I can’t share all the cute stuff that we worked on because that is not my place, however, I did take lots of pictures and have her password to her blog …

Lea Ann cooked a great breakfast where I finally ate my first biscuit covered with sausage gravy. Mikey liked it! I have come to the errors of my ways and see this dish in my breakfast very soon.

We also went to one of my favorite places.

Recognize this view?

Or this one?

How about this one with my camera phone?

Ashley, you may lick your computer screen because it was, as always, scrumptious!

After passing Smackers, a frozen yogurt-load-it-up-your-way-and-pay-by-the-ounce, my sweet husband did a 360 in the street, much to the surprise of his passengers.

Ice cream makes everything better especially when you pretend it its ice cream and it is really frozen yogurt. I blame all those tempting toppings.

Dinner was pizza for boys and girls. The boys’ pizza was all meat and cheese. The girls’- stuff boys would not touch like spinach and alfredo sauce.

It was super yummy especially when you chased it with Chocolate Chess Pie and Apple Cream Cheese Pound Cake from last month’s cover of Southern Living.

I waddled to my car Sunday Morning. Why do you ask?

And yes we are still sick. You think it is funny, but it snot.

I’m sure this post either made you hungry or Lysol your whole house.

Happy Week!

On Wednesday, I am trying my hand with a blogging tip post and will expose my fall wreath to you on Friday!

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  1. Potter's! Are you kidding?! GEEZ! I swear Columbus has the best eating--Potter's, Pepper's, Little Dooey, Front Door, The Grille, Mi Torro--SO GOOD! I think we should all get together and have a "progressive" supper in Columbus and just hop from place to place! I may have a hard time picking though! ha

  2. WAIT! I am not right! Proffit's!! Where did I get Potter's? WOW! It's Monday and I haven't finished my coffee yet at 11:00. ha

  3. Oh and I did want to lick the computer screen or at least grab that sandwich and take a bite. YUM! I am being a comment hog today. SORRY!


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