Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simply Summer

I created this vignette because to me sand, shells, and the sound of waves just feels so relaxing!

We love the water. Anywhere.

This just reminds me of how simple, relaxing, and fun summer should be! Since today is the official first day of summer, I thought I would share this!

When making an arrangement, I like to arrange items in odd numbers with different heights to draw the eye along with different textures. There is so much to view and discover with different accessories that complement each other.

This is what I did:

The jars where given to me by my aunt from this wedding along with the beautiful Peter's green pottery bowl that I am using as a stand as well as the small McCarty's brown bowl that I received when we got married.

I used leveling sand, shells, jute, and cork tips as the different accessories inside the jars. I just played with it until it felt right to me. On the other side, an old ship that Ken had, an old bottle found when cleaning out closets with my mother, and a McCarty green shell with beach trinkets.

It makes me smile every time I pass it!

So welcome to summer at our house!

May you be relaxed and simply enjoy your summer!


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  1. I love this Haven! I said that I wanted a "beach" room and make everything beachy. It is just perfect. I love that little shrine to your wedding there also. I may try to do something like that. Super cute!!


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