Thursday, June 2, 2011


For the past two weekends, I have been involved in a wedding. Weddings are beautiful celebrations, and I might be slightly obsessed with them. I love going to see how weddings reflect the bridge and groom, the different foods, and of course the grooms cake (name that movie). I really prefer the bride's cake over the groom's cake, but Ken and I usually get one of each and then sample.

Anyhoo, last weekend I was in Amber's wedding, and it was very elegant. I loved her programs, the brown and green reception, and I may or may not have taken home the McCarty punch bowl. Amber was a beautiful bride and her dress was very flattering. I don't have any pictures of the wedding because I was a bridesmaid, but I hope she post some on her blog very soon!

I did, however, get pictures of Kristyn's wedding rehearsal and reception.

I loved how the rehearsal reflected the groom and the reception reflected the bride. My aunt, the groom's mother, is very creative and did a fantastic job with the rehearsal dinner! Not only did we have fantastic food, we also had Tatum Shappley serenading us. My favorite song that he played was "Fat Bottom Girls." Ha!

The Rehearsal

The menu was a barbeque, sides, and delicious cakes

The reception was just precious! I loved the hot pink and black as well as the location - Wall Doxey State Park Lodge same as the rehearsal dinner. I was the wedding director and helped decorate. Everything turned out great, and I learned a lot!

 Middle sister did their engagement pictures

The Candy Table

Ken and I made these signs to greet guests as they came up the walk  ...

(Name that song and movie!)

Everyone needs a pair of dancing shoes!!!

Can you tell that Ken was quite proud of his work?

The wedding as a lot of fun and at the end of the day, the mother of the bride received a text from her daughter that said, "Thank you for my dream wedding."

So sweet and true!!!


  1. I love Steel Magnolias! And I love all the pictures from wedding reception!

  2. Haven and Ken,

    Thank you for all you both did to make Daniel and Kristyn's wedding all tha they had dreamed of. It was truly a family effort. You are so creative and Ken is very talented and you can see your effort on every table. Love you both!

    Aunt Joyce


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