Sunday, June 19, 2011

Glimpses and Weekend Highlights

I feel as if this past week was my first week of summer and I was able to celebrate in many ways ...

I began a few projects

I made these delicious bacon sliders by the Pioneer Woman! (I just adore her and she makes cooking so much fun)

We met a friend at the Farmer's Market and Sidewalk Craft Stroll on Thursday where I convinced Ken to try goat cheese, and you know, he liked it! Mikey really liked it!

I liked it too and made this little ditty for breakfast the next morning.

We also had a very full fun filled weekend! Ken's parents, my favorite in-laws, came over, and we spent Friday night bowling. Ken's mother spanked us all!

And as if bowling wasn't enough fun for us, we decided to be thrill seekers and go rafting on the Ocoee with this outfitter. And you know what? We survived and celebrated this accomplishment by eating a delicious dinner at Sticky Fingers.

Sunday was spent practicing the first part of Newton's First Law - an object at rest will stay at rest. I practiced that law really well. Newton would be so proud!

We also had a great Father's Day dinner ate Newk's before Ken's parents left.

And my father? My sisters had taken care of our gift.

If you know my father, you know that he loves to aggravate! So we think of a gift that he would like but try to psych him out thinking that he is getting a really awful gift or we make him work for it. You may remember the money necklace we made for him for Christmas.  My favorite part of this whole giving a gift to my daddy is that after he opens his gift and realized that it was not bad at all, he tells us that he raised a bunch of smart butts. Takes one to know one.  

This was attached to the back of the priceless check ...


The money suit idea was from here.

From what I here, he loved it!


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  1. Can't wait to see finished projects. And oh, those bacon sliders look amazing, my mouth is watering.


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