Friday, December 20, 2013

The Simplicity of Christmas

I had been thinking of Christmas since October. Thinking of all the stuff I bought at the end of the season to add to my huge collection of Christmas decor. Thinking of how to put my plan in place. 

I had also had been asking my husband to get my Christmas stuff down from the attic. 

I think all he heard was Charlie Brown's teacher talking. 

So what is a pregnant woman to do than to get the ladder out and get the stuff herself?

Well, I did think about it. Then I thought about falling through the attic, and that was not a pretty picture. 

So I marched myself out to the shop and simply told my husband. 

"You are trying to hide, but I have found you. I am getting my Christmas stuff down from the attic, so if you want to hold the ladder, then you better come on."

He did.


1. He did not want to be responsible for round mama to fall through the ceiling. 
2. He knew that it would only get worse for him if he did not come. 

So up the ladder I went, opening boxes, and throwing stuff down. Forget hauling all those boxes down a ladder. I just got what I wanted, and left the rest. 

My plan is to buy another tote just to put the things I brought down so that I don't have to stick it back in all those boxes. 

I never did find all that new stuff, but Christmas decorating still must go on. 

So "Simply Christmas" was my theme again this year.   :)

The Breakfast Room:

Never put baby in the corner, but I did.
Its the only place we can enjoy it.
From the front of our house, it appears that no one celebrates anything, but the back is so warm and inviting.

I made most of these ornaments a few years ago. You can find the tutorials here

There are so many things that I like about this room, but "Jingle for Jesus" just makes me smile.

I am glad this "O Holy Night" sign did not sell. I was secretly hoping that it would not.

I also love my Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus, and have enjoyed watching them take off. 

A fun little spot

One of the chalkboard boxes that Ken built filled with fun


This room is for show year round. I am sure that we only entertain in here once or twice a year. It is fun to always have a room that stays so nicely decorated. 

I call it peaceful.

This was fun for me this year, because basically, I shopped the house first, and then added a few little touches of Christmas here and there along with my Mississippi Pottery.

This is my most favorite room in the house to photograph. See that beautiful light!

I love this area as well!

And that concludes our simple Christmas tour.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


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