Monday, December 16, 2013

The Story Behind the Announcement Pictures

The story behind the announcement pictures:

A picture is worth a thousand words and for the most part, a thousand laughs for that matter.

I love how a picture can take you back to a certain memory and feeling.

Some bring happiness and some do not.

When I look back at these pictures, this is what I remember:

Picture it: A very full Saturday with a celebration of a handsome man's 80th birthday and a hospital visit to celebrate a godmother's everyday victories.

Somewhere between the two was a nap that caused a mad dash to catch the setting of the sun.

So in that mad dash, a wife grabs her husband's crisp, white shirt for him to put on in the field right before the big smile for she knows his not so much love for pictures.

She also grabs the bag of photo props to make it picture perfect.

Upon arrival, Middle sister instructs the happy couple about where to stand only to look down and notice the husband is all pretty fly for a white guy.

Apparently rushing to put on a crisp, white shirt, may cause one to forget to zip it and cause a burst of laughter that sets the tone for the said pictures.

Next up for a laugh would be the scrabble words that were really scrabbled. The planner wife had thought she had work out every little detail, but in fact was gently reminded that God does have a sense of humor.

The actually saying the couple was holding in their hands read, "For these cildren, we payed."

Oh, how true that was!!!

Thank goodness her sister is a Photoshop Queen and was able to make it more religious.

And then there was the beloved dog, Tootsie, who had been holed up in the house all day.

No one thought she would be buck wild out in a fall field.

She sure showed them.

In fact, they began to call her Sha-na-na and did their best to have her sit for the celebratory pictures including have the photographer, her aunt, to pick up a stick in order to get her to sit.

Aunt did not realize Sha-na-na's love for sticks.

Aunt held the stick long enough for Sha-na-na to sit in the perfect dog pose.

As soon as the pose was perfected, Aunt proceeded to put the end of the stick in the side of her mouth in order to snap the shot.

Sha-na-na saw that the stick was at rest and suddenly took two leaps and jerked that stick right out of her aunt's mouth.

Thankfully, her aunt laughs at pain and her mother did not tinkle on herself due to the hysteria of the situation.

Notice the bigger smiles?

The photographer managed to get a few pictures of the happy couple as well as celebrate a joyous day, full of lasting memories.

That my friend is the rest of story. 


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