Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Well, how is that for a blogging break? There is so much I need to write to remember myself as well as share with you!

It is also 4 in the morning, my babies are playing patty cake and roly poly, so blogging is the next best thing right?

Oh, how I dreamed of waking up in the morning because a baby is moving. It is even better because there are two!

So I will just start with this weekend.

We went to Mississippi to attend a baby shower hosted by our family and friends. Oh my word was it fun!

Friday night, we loaded up our car with stuff to take. I seriously have no idea where our children will actually sit during our Mississippi trips due to no trip has just been just luggage and the dog.  I am sure we will figure it out or add a trailer to haul everything around.

I was anxious to get to Mississippi to see my friends and sisters who were decorating for the shower, so I had to skip the whole, “I need to go to the bathroom, and Goodwill has the cleanest one in town,” stop and continue forward.

I did my best tuck and roll they wanted to use when Ken let me out at Montrose in Holly Springs. Had to protect this swollen belly, ya know.

So after unloading a few things from our car, like burlap, because I am the burlap keeper for showers, Ken and I took a quick tour of the house in the dark. I had taken a similar tour in high school, but during the day, so I knew basically what rooms led to what. I love how the old maid’s quarters led directly into a room like a secret passage. What I did not expect was opening a dark bathroom and finding a mannequin staring back at us. Good way to speed up your heartbeat without exercising.

This was the first time in about 5 years that all my college best friends were in the same room, and it was wonderful! We laughed and talked, and I tried to do what they told me to do which was sit. When the serving pieces came out, I just could not sit anymore. I had to play with the pretty pottery.

My sisters were also there. There is something about having sisters there were you know exactly what they were thinking without saying a word. If there was any miscommunication, we would just have a sister meeting in the bathroom. All three of us. This happened more than once. Good times.

We finally made it home around 11 pm to rest. Amen.

Saturday was a hustle and bustle kind of day starting around the breakfast table devouring my daddy’s massive breakfast. Oh what fun it was to have family and friends grabbing biscuits and homemade jelly and combining it with bacon and eggs before stuffing it in their pie holes! That is the way to get the day started.

The rest of Saturday will be saved for a separate post. All I can say is we are loved, our babies are loved and they will probably be able to spell their name before they can walk due to receiving multiple monogrammed items. It’s a Southern thing.

Sunday, involved a repeat of Saturday morning minus two people. By the end of the weekend, daddy had cooked 4 dozen eggs, I can’t tell you how much meat, and there were at least 6 pots of coffee made. We are eaters that is for sure!

We also went to church were my sweet babies seemed to enjoy the service. I could hear faint clapping and swaying.

Apparently, I got in the spirit to after church, and for the first time in my life, I got left at church. Thankfully, there was room at the preacher’s inn before my daddy barreled through to pick me up due to my husband thinking I was with someone else. Really?

Once I was reunited and feeling good, we celebrated my grandmother’s wonderful birthday at a local eating place with leftover shower cake disguised as a birthday cake with vintage clowns and previously burned candles. That is how we roll. It’s the taste of the cake that makes the difference, right? And this cake was absolutely divine.

When we got back to my parents’ house, Daddy and Ken loaded up the car with all our lovely gifts. We could not see out the back, and Tootsie girl had a small space where she was looking a little claustrophobic around the gills.

After a three and a half hour tour of North Mississippi and Alabama, we made it home, let Tootsie out, and went to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday.

Talk about having a weekend full of celebrations. Whew!

The best part of the night was unloading the car. My husband is really the best, and it did help that my feet were swollen in that Ken unloaded the car by himself. I just hauled it from the door to nursery, where we put clothes up until we about fell asleep in the floor.

Thank goodness for long weekends where you can travel and get a day’s work/rest in. Thank goodness for visiting with family and friends near and far that celebrate the blessings in your life with their generosity and encourage words. Thank goodness for delicious food, laughter, and memory making. 

All these things fill the soul and help you face the week little better.


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  1. HAHAHA... I was the same way Sunday night. Both feet were swollen from all the traveling and so Terry told me to sit and he would bring in all the gifts and luggage. I felt bad that he had to make a thousand trips up and down the stairs, but I'm so thankful he did. After a good report at the dr yesterday, I'm going to get in the nursery today and start unpacking gifts. It's going to be like Sunday all over again today! I can't wait to see pictures from your shower. I know it was beautiful!! Not much longer!!!


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