Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend Highlights

It has been another action packed, fun eating, witty weekend in the great state of Mississippi. 
Friday evening, Middle and her sweet bestie came down, and along with Mama, we went to go check out Baby sister's newly bought house. Some how we took a detour through the local Dollar General, passed the offering plate to collect some money, and purchased 5 packages of toilet paper. 
Every body's first house needs to be christened.
This was great Friday therapy especially since I hosted a field trip that day for my little scholars. 
Mama refused to commit and scolded us profusely even though we explained it was all out of love. 
And boy do we love. Oh Saturday, we spend several hours helping Baby sister (who, if she is reading this, is probably not happy with her sisters because she just realized it was our crazy selves that rolled her yard. Hi, Alana! Amber, I hate you missed it!) with painting bedrooms and bathrooms all Saturday. Middle also was a killer on some light fixtures and one poor vanity. 
Since Baby just closed on the house, there was no heat. Daddy provided a kerosene heather that I was sure would blow us up. 
During the initial plugging in of the heater, Tootsie and I practically ran out of the house. Nonetheless, the heater did work and kept our muscles warm and fuzzy because you really use your muscles to paint.
I felt my muscles screaming the next day. 
I failed to mention that when we returned Friday evening from our little adventure, the great Tootsie girl polished off almost 2 Papa John pizzas that were sitting on the counter.
She was the designated baby sitter to the other dogs. So as the babysitter, she thought it was her duty to feed everyone. 
There was jalapeños on most of the slices.
Then there was a 3 am pleading to go outside, followed by an approximately 7 minutes of drinking water. 
While we were working at Baby Sister's, Ken, his daddy and brother, and my daddy all worked at the church. 
So Saturday night, we dragged our tired selves to a local pizza place, to break up the monotony due to pizza being a favorite among all family members, even dogs. 
And then after a seriously good night's rest, we awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, biscuits, and COFFEE, with Daddy orchestrating it all. 
We had a few leftovers that we left on the table to skip on over to church. Once we returned, Daddy met us at the door. 
It was very clear that the table cloth had been moved so the vintage Pyrex bowl, that once held the leftovers, was teetering on the edge, but wiped clean. 
Apparently, Tootsie needed some brunch. 
Not only does she feel comfortable at her grandmother's, she also painted half of herself grey, hanging out with the girls Saturday, all while wearing a neck brace to prevent her from licking her hurt leg. 
 Clearly, she can still reach all kind of delicious delights. 
I also took the shortcut from the interstate to my parents Friday night by climbing up the hill by the bridge just as Ken and Daddy drove by.
Did I mention that I was driving Ken's truck? 
Well, here is to another bright and shiny week. Go roll some yards. 



  1. Man! I miss all the fun times!I want to see pics of Pink Milks house!

  2. WOW Tootsie! You must have been protesting about having to babysit! Glad y'all had a fun, test productive weekend in Mississippi! Hope you and Ken have a wonderful week!!


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