Friday, March 1, 2013

Love and Projects

My sisters know me so well! For Christmas, they turned my first year of blog posts into a book. 

It is thick with recipes, 


even your comments! 

There are flower posts

and pictures of my favorite people! 

The first page has one of my favorite pictures of my sisters and me from my wedding along with the Shel Silverstein poem, "Sister For Sale," in which Middle can recite by heart. 

This book will be cherished and loved not only for me, but hopefully future generations. 

So in case there is a fire, Sweet Brown here will make time to grab this book after getting a cold pop of course. :)



  1. Is it sad that I didn't know who sweet brown was until last week?! Yes, I'm pretty sure I had been living under a rock! Ha! The blog book is a great idea. I was going to print each year, but it's looking to be about $250 for each year. So I'm going to pick and choose the ones I want in the book and get them printed. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Love you! And Happy Friday!!!


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