Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My New Social Media ...

Recently, I decided to get off Facebook for a bit. I still have my page up, and will answer messages and such, but I am rarely spending any of those moments of when I get bored perusing the news feed. 

Instead, I spend a lot of time on Instagram (havendaniels) and playing various games of Words with Friends with my mother and Lea Ann. I also Pinterest quite frequently. 

These sites are free from drama, and I still get to see what everyone is having for supper on Instagram. 

I prefer to save the DRAMA (that is 9 points in WWF) for my mama. 

I have also read a few books lately that I thought I share. 

Um, this book totally rocked my world, and I will probably read it several times as well as read some of her other books. 

She will make you laugh, cry, and ponder your true meaning on this Earth all while cleaning out your closet. You will never look at your clothes in the same way nor the way you eat or how you recycle. You may develop a love for gardening.

Brace yourself! :)


I seriously finished this book in half a day. Ken was trying to nap, and I keep waking him up with my stifled giggles. It is nice to see the brighter side of motherhood.

This devotion helps to start my week days.

Such beautiful devotions of God's grace in our lives and finding true joy and gratitude in the every day moments. 

Ann Voskamp uses everyday situations between her farm, adventures, and six children to explain God's great mercy and grace and encourages you to find your every day gifts. 

This is the follow up to her amazing book 

A deep thinking book that I will have to revisit one day.


and last, but not least, my Sunday nights have involved this ...

Oh Happy Day! We finally have an awesome, addictive show that we can watch on our antenna.


This is the best social media there is! 

I hate that it is over for this season, but I will just rewatch all the seasons until next January. 

If you haven't jumped on this bandwagon, you need to grab your hat and be read for a wild ride! 

Maggie Smith would approve! 



  1. We got off Facebook back in September and haven't missed it at all. People keep asking when we plan to return, and our answer is "maybe never!" I am on twitter, and most of the drama stays away, but you always have those few who bring drama every where they are. But I enjoy getting my weather, traffic, and news from twitter. And I keep up with lots of friends that way. And YES instagram! LOVE it. Probably because I'd rather see someone's photos than read their paragraph of a status. HA! And I'm thinking about getting one thousand gifts. I know we've talked about it before, and I think it would be a good thing to start. I'm ready for Sophie's (BOOMAMA) book to come out. I always die from laughter reading her blog! Happy Wednesday! Love you! Praying always!

  2. I heard that 7 is a great book! I'll be downloading that soon. I feel like One Thousand Gifts is something I should read a few times/year!
    I use Fb less and, it's more about promoting my business & inboxing people (seems like people respond to that more than emails..) and Instagram is fun:) And of course, I love Pinterest, but even have to take a step back from that sometimes too!
    I am seriously gonna have to jump on the Downton Abbey train! Am I the only person out there who hasn't??
    I bet you're looking forward to SPRING BREAK. #IHK ;)

  3. Ah! I picked up Sparkling Green Earrings last night and almost bought it! I did get the new Karen Kingsbury book. Have you read any of her books? They are easy reads. I am going to have to get into Downtown Abbey. Maybe this summer! :) When is your Spring Break? Ours is next week and it can not come soon enough! Miss you like crazy!


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