Friday, March 8, 2013

Hanky Art ...

I finally got around to taking my Christmas cards down and put away in a photo album and was left with a naked chicken wire frame.

No one needs a naked chicken wire frame. 

So handkerchiefs to the rescue along with some copies of old family photos. 

It adds such a nice touch of color as well as act as a remind of all the strong women who have led our family for many generations. 


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  1. Such a cute idea. One of my friends told me what she does with her Christmas cards every year. She takes one each week of the year and prays for that person/family. So everyday that week she and her husband pray for them. How awesome is that?! We had already packed our cards from 2012 when she told me about it, so we will start that tradition next year! Happy Friday Haven!! I hope you, Ken and Tootsie have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!


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