Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dining Room Up do

I recently mentioned that we redid our dining room. Well, actually, I am still dreaming of that, but I did give it an up do recently. 

Even though we do not use our dining room like I wished we did, it actually is my play room. I enjoying coming in here and moving things around and creating new vignettes. 

Currently, it has a woodsey feel with my collection of Peter's Pottery animals, my mother-in-law's twisted branches from her yard, monogram linens, and moss covered faux rocks. 

I like to mix textures with ribbon, bird's nests, and pears. 

Of course, what is a Southern dining room with out some burlap and a monogram?

There you have it until next time ...



  1. Looks great! And I love any room that has a touch of burlap!!


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