Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Weekends are for celebrating, relaxing, and renewing. 

Friday was spent devouring delicious Mellow Mushroom pizza, and I am honored to say that everyone made a happy plate. 

Which was good, because Ken and I needed energy to set up for a craft fair for the next day. 

In which, I enjoyed selling my items to people who loved them, meeting new friends, and spending the day getting to know current friends better. 

After the craft fair and unloading, we decided to go to the new Five Guys Burgers that happens to be also by the new Dunkin' Donuts. 

Now, the Five Guys was open, but the Dunkin' Donuts was training their new people. 

We got the window seats next to the new donut place, and enjoyed people driving up, getting out, and almost skipping to the door, only to find out they were training people. There were so many sad faces, but we were cracking up! 

The downside by sitting next to the window was that we were getting major donut vibes. The upside was that the "Hot, Hot" sign was on at the Krispy Kreme across the street, and I found Ken pulling up and ordering 4 donuts and chocolate milk, please. 

And his wife was a happy girl. 

We spent the rest of the night doing all the domestic things that one must do to maintain a house. 

Then we played house, rearranging furniture only to arrange it back to the way it was. :)

We dreamed about future rooms, houses, and land. 

I love having wonderful moments where we dream, wish, hope. We share thoughts of future fun. 

Sunday was all about resting, napping, and geeking out to the Eating Alabama documentary. 

There was also miscommunication and redemption with a Papa John's half sausage and half jalapeno pizza. 

We totally junked out on junk food. 

I will start eating better tomorrow. :)

So here's to a healthy part of the week only to follow with Thanksgiving dinner beautifully prepared  with sticks of butter.

I am so looking forward to seeing family and friends and hopefully a walk and a comatose turkey nap. 

I will also catch you up on my November. 


  1. Sounds like fun! People watching is so awesome!! Haha Hope the craft fair went well. I would want one of everything.

  2. Here's the best part about junk food weekends... they turn out to be the best, relaxing weekends one can have! =) We had a Steak and Shake open a couple of miles from the house and I remember driving past the day they were training and the folks turning around with sad faces. LOL Of course, now that it's open, the lines are always out the door. We figure after a few more months we might go and see what all the fuss is about! Glad y'all had a wonderful weekend, Haven! BTW, isn't dreaming and daydreaming about the future wnoderful?! =)


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