Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating November

The older I get, the more I want to celebrate life and simple times. 

You have probably gathered that with all of our back road driving posts.

I also think, I try to see how much I can possible pack in a month without driving myself crazy. 

November just happens to be one of my favorite months that I try to pack in as much as possible. 

Maybe it is because of my birthday or Thanksgiving with family and friends or that we fall back an hour. 

Thank goodness for that hour. 

Things slow down in some areas only to speed up in others. 

At the beginning of November, I celebrated my birthday with 4 special events:

1. Dinner with my husband at Bonefish - Yay for Bang Bang Wednesdays! 

2. Steak dinner and outside celebration with my family

3. Dinner downtown at South of Beale and Cheesecake Corner with my family and friends

4. Sunday dinner with the entire family at my parents with a scrumptious strawberry cake for dessert!

I was even serenaded by a bus full of middle school girls on their way back from a field trip. I love my BMS family! 

Along with all the Facebook love, a girl sure felt special on her birthday! 


We also had Farm Day on Ken's Pawpaw's farm with his family in which Middle and I enjoyed exploring ...

until Middle discovered the grape vine. Here is how this went. 

Vines. I love vines. I can swing on the vines. 

Climb on the vines.

Let's check this one out.  I think it is rotten, sister. Watch out. 

She says all of this as I hear the wind from the rotten vine swing so close to my ear drum. 

Sorry. :)

Are you ever too old to try to knock your sister out with a vine?

Apparently not. 


There was also a Girl's Craft Night with my BMS friends. We had such a good night, and I finally got to host a Fall Party and use my Harvest Countryside dishes. 


And if this was not a enough socializing, I also got to spend a weekend with these girls from some of my best years of my life. 

Where they shared their stories of motherhood, we got our eat on several times, and I got to love on this sweet little boy while helping his mama paint her dining room chairs and swapping football scores with his daddy. 

Photo: Whoa...get out the way!


I also had a Craft Fair so there was much preparation for that! 

I sold everything in that bin, several ornaments, and got project requests from people. 

What a fun experience! 

Now, all I have to do is enjoy Thanksgiving, get ready for Christmas, host a Parent Night at school, and pack for a week long conference that just happens to be in Disney World and my husband just happens to be my traveling partner. 

Life is Good! 


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  1. What a wonderful November! And, it's not over!! You are right... we both have amazing husbands to roll with the flow. =) I'm extra thankful for that, and I know you are, too! And I feel bad! I didn't tell you Happy Birthday. But from the looks and sound of things... you been celebrating for a few weeks. (Those are the best kinds!) Tell your sister she better watch out... payback is fun! ;) Happy Thanksgiving Haven, Ken and Tootsie! I hope y'all have lots of fun memories this year with lots of great fun, food, and family!


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