Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Tennessee Road Trip ...

Sometimes I feel that nature is truly soul healing. One of my favorite seasons is no doubt fall, with the beautiful colors that only sashay themselves across the landscape once a year. I love how they dance in the wind creating such glorious scenes with colorful leaves waltzing down to ground. 

We like to go riding to discover new places to make our hearts smile. Back roads, especially gravel, are our favorites, often times with me allowing my hair to be teased naturally by the wind with a camera in hand. 

So take a minute and just refresh your soul, laugh a little, and barn hop with us!


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  1. My favorite pics start with Toots! Seriously, she is a hoot! And that red barn and the other old barns... I'm a sucker for those! It's possibly one of the best things about growing up in the country... you appreciate those scenes so much more when you more to the city! And I might add... Haven you've turned into to quite the photographer!! Is there anything you're not good at? Kiss Toots for me and have a wonderful Tuesday!!


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