Saturday, November 24, 2012

How I Almost Ruined Thanksgiving Highlights ...

Well, since it has been two weeks since Thanksgiving, I thought I would keep you current on our Thanksgiving holiday.
I don't know about you, but I have basically ate my way through the Thanksgiving Holidays. 

Wednesday involved doing a little small business shopping for Christmas gifts and family fun with Ken's family. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving food we had soups, sides, and desserts. I took Alabama Firecrackers, which seemed like a hit even with my picky-eating, sweet father-in-law. The only change I made was reducing the crushed red peppers by half. Even with half, there was just enough heat and oh so delicious. Between his family and my family, they were gone before the clock struck midnight. 

When I left my parents to go to Ken's grandmother's house, my mother was a paintin' and a stainin' on the back porch and had moved to the front porch. 

When I returned, she had extended her projects to the garage, which prompted me to ask her, "Are you staining everything in the house?"

The answer is yes, but more on that later. 

Middle Sister also made some fabulous Christmas pictures for us at Ken's Pawpaw's farm. I can't wait to share.

Thursday was full of cooking, eating, family, eating, friends, eating, games, eating, and finally sleeping because the turkey had kicked in. Please tell me that I am not alone in this. 

Friday, I ventured out with Middle Sister to find paint for her dresser. We really just rolled out of bed, half-way did our make-up, and put on lounge clothes. We weren't worried about running in to anyone, but boy, were we wrong. After a little miscommunication, a Phillip's burger, and looking in every window we possibly could at the train depot, we finally made it to a Lowe's. 

It took us an hour and a half to get out of there because apparently that was the place to be to catch up with people you have not have seen in a while. I just hope they are friends with me on Facebook so they know I can look normal instead of what the cat dragged in. 

So, you are probably wondering, "Haven, you have not told us how you almost ruined Thanksgiving."

Well, see what had happened was we (Middle and I) let Mama and Daddy's kids (two crazy dogs) out, they went in the woods and screamed, causing Middle to drive the four wheeler barefooted through the woods, bumping into every weed and tree imaginable. I felt like Joe Pesci in Home Alone when he walked through glue and then got pelted with feathers. 

Nasty, I tell you. Never could find them, so we went back home to find out they had taken a different route and where hopping around in the house. Kids. 

We decided to let the better-we-thought-behaved-dog out. Huge mistake. 

Middle was spray painting Red Mahogany stain on some chairs. We turned our backs only to find this. 

She felt that she needed to be extra glamourous and had rolled in it on the burlap cloth we put down. Seriously, I LOL died and took some pics before cleaning her up because we had company a'coming. 

So, Paul Harvey, almost everything in the house got stained, including the dog!

I thought that we would be disinvited next year, but all Daddy said was, "Thirty-five dollars down the drain." She had gotten groomed on Wednesday. :)

Talk about doing it right. 

Most of the stain did come out! 

My daddy made an enormous meal of fried chicken livers, fried deer tenderloin, and kabobs on Friday night. I could have just lived on the fried deer tenderloin, and thought I ate my weight in it. 

I so had a food hangover this morning, so I helped myself to a eggs, bacon, and TWO biscuits, please. 

Here are some before and afters of the dresser and chair:



Middle did great! Who knew that spray stain actually worked? I am so glad that I got to make these memories with her! 

The dresser will go in her living room, and she may be selling the chairs (there are two).


So Ken, Tootsie, and I are happily back home where we are pondering if it is really worth the trouble to get all of our Christmas out or if it will be okay to have a Charlie Brown Christmas this year. 

What do you think?


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  1. Love the dresser! Y'all are such a talented family.


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