Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Highlights

We had a LARGE weekend! 

On Friday night, we went to solve a crime with this guy:

I am slightly obsessed with the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. Tyler Perry did a good job playing Alex Cross, even if Madea came out in his voice a few times. 

Morgan Freeman will forever by Alex Cross in my eyes. I must be old school like that.  

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early for some yard sales. I found some frames, vintage linens, and sheet music. No pictures, because I am forgetful. 

We ran errands, took a nap, prepared some Sausage Lover's Dip (our favorite), and dressed up for a The Rutherford's Awesome Halloween Party. 

Now, we are not the type that like to dress up for Halloween, so the conversation went like this. 

Two weeks before the party:

Me:  What are you going to dress up as?
Ken: We have to dress up?
Me: Yes
Ken: I am not talking about this. 

 I offered suggestions, but to no avail. This conversation continued several times a week. 

6:00 P.M. Before the party.

Ken: What do you want me to wear?
Me: I have been asking you this for awhile. You are on your own.

At 6:30, he comes out and looks like Cousin Eddie along with a hose, because apparently the crapper was full. Ken played the part so well! Ha! 

Photo: A Witch and Cousin Eddie. Nothing like a last minute costumes for a party we have known about forever. Apparently the crapper was full! Thank you Kelly and Kevin for a fun night!

I just went in my ol' trusty Witch costume. 

Moral of this story - Procrastination = Creativity in our family. 

Sunday, we went to early service and then took a road trip up through Tennessee to look at the fall colors. 

More on this trip later ...

So here is to the rest of the week! Can someone explain why we can't work just 4 days a week?



  1. I am very very jealous of that Tennesse Road trip!

  2. I love your "cousin Eddie". That is awesome! Sounds like a jam packed weekend of fun!


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