Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Fairs ...

There are times in my life that I just want to walk straight out of my comfort zone and just do it. I want to quit  being so afraid of everything and face my fears regardless of being accepted or rejected. 

The last time I did this, I was lip-singing "Respect," throwing a boa off stage, and was voted "Best Performer" for Songfest at the W. 

And I am still astonished that I did that, but it was so liberating! 

So this time, I decided it was time that I follow my dreams of making and selling beautiful things for others to cherish. 

So, we have entered the craft fair world for a little while anyways. 

We have done two so far, and have been successful and accepted. 

There is a tight, fun community within the craft fair gates, and I have loved talking with these fabulous people and learning a lot. 

I took some quick pictures of our booth at my school's craft fair. And I do mean quick. So you have to bear with me. :)

This picture does not do our booth justice! I wanted something warm and inviting and spent weeks dreaming about it. 

I made two wreaths. One is out of books, and I love that is untamed. The other is out of vintage sewing patterns. I am obsessed with patterns right now. 

The chicken wire frames were fast sellers. It was probably that I had some cute models on it! 

I also had two chalkboards that sold at the second fair.

I also have glass ornaments filled with vintage and sparkle.  

Now, granted anybody can make these ornaments. Having eye candy at your booth invites people to come and stare for awhile as well as be inspired! 

More chicken wire, dry erase boards, and ornaments. 

Pallet wood signs ...

and a shabby chic dresser. 

as well as more pallet wood signs. 

Middle designed my business cards and stickers. 

What we have learned so far:

1. We like doing local craft fairs that only lasts a few hours. The booth prices are reasonable and the environment is welcoming and fun. 
2. We were constantly told our prices where too low. I priced like I want to shop, and I am still having trouble with pricing. 
3. It is so much fun making connections with other vendors as well as customers. 
4. I am going to do one more this season, but I am dreaming of what I can make for the spring.
5. I absolutely could not have accomplished this without Ken. He has support me, helped me, and even hung out with me. I think he gets a kick out of people watching! 

So wish me luck as I continue to explore this new adventure! 



  1. I've shown that dresser to the hubs at least 4 times now (since I saw it the first time) because I really want it. We are redoing a room in our new home, but won't be deciding on colors til after the new year. If you still have it then and that's the color we go for... it's sold. Of course, that is if you still have it then. =) And if not... I'll be comissioning you for master piece! Still love the Silent Night Holy Night. Really, I just love all your beautiful pieces.


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