Monday, October 29, 2012

Nashville ...


~ is one of my favorite cities
~ is a great new television show
~ a fun place to hang out with my girls

Excuse the blown outness. I had my settings set for a different location. :)

We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast where suits were optional at the pool.

Thank goodness is was a little too cold to really decide what our option would be. 

We had a little mishap, but other than that, we felt more like this the rest of the weekend.

We shopped until we propped ourselves at the food court to people watch. 

We ate some yummy food at Cheesecake Factory, and took the leftovers for a late night snack full of giggling, stories of our current seasons of life, and hopes and dreams for our futures. 

We watched Pitched Perfect and laughed until we cried. 

We all went to the family bathroom at the theater to avoid the endless line at the women's bathroom only to get looks when we all piled out together. 

We asked for seconds on the french toast and solved the world's problems. 

We missed our families, but can't wait to do this again. 



  1. I'm from Nashville but away in Australia for several months. Reading about your good time makes me miss Nashville! I hope you enjoyed your time there!!

  2. Great times were had...let's do again this weekend ;)


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