Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Treasure Hunting

A few weeks ago, we went home to the great state of Mississippi where I was hoping to learn some upholstery skills, but went treasure hunting instead.

Daddy has an old dairy barn where he is desperately trying to clean out to make a woodworking shop. 

Middle showed up and, like me, needed some help with some chairs. 

Can you count the chairs in this picture?

As we waited, we started picking through as few things. 

and found a pair of hobnob lamps

a cool typewriter that I will display only in my house. Pinkie promise, mother! 

Old sewing supplies 

some cool doors and an octagon mirror ...

a old vanity that goes along with the octagon mirror.

My aunt's business correspondence books ... (love the font!)

Some cherished letters from World War I

and a souvenir from France sent to a wife in waiting from a soldier from afar.

as well as an old basket ...

A beautiful old chandy ...

 some dolls in an old trunk ...

and an old, dented pair of glasses that Middle had to model.

All in all, Middle got her chairs finished, we both got some loot, and Daddy did get a little of his shop cleaned out. 

I think this is a win/win situation except for Ken who just cringed when he found out all that I was bringing home! 



  1. Awe what a fun day! I am jealous! Can't wait to see what you do with your finds! I do love the old typewriter! Hopefully this weekend I can talk Aunt Carla into going to Mimi's building. I need a chair to go by Mama Shirley's old table. I am pretty sure Mimi has just what I need! She's still faithful like that! :)

  2. oooohhhhh--How fun! The typewriter is awesome!! Those letters are too. The dolls are a little freaky. I know that you had a blast. Hope you are doing well. Have a great week!

  3. It's funny... those glasses are back in style now! =) Great finds that I'm sure you'll be able to use at the next craft fair!!


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