Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have a Seat

I wrote about thrifting with my sister awhile back where I found a $5 chair and a $1 chair. 

I made my own chalk paint using a recipe from Iheartnaptime

I mixed two colors in order to make this smoky gray, and it worked out perfectly. I really liked using the chalk paint, and am still debating whether to continue to make my own or try some of the Annie Sloan paint. 

Like I said, I only paid $5 for this lovely cane chair. 

I love the little details! 

Chalk paint, as I am sure you know, is used on furniture to prevent you from having to sand. This paint attached itself beautifully to the chair. 

I did put a little bit of the vaseline before painting so that I could distress easier. 

Even though there is a little damage on the back, their was nothing a little paint and a pillow could do. 

It found a place in the corner of my living room ...

The other chair is one that I adore ...

I recovered it with a coffee sack that I had. 

I didn't really want to distress this one as much. 

Very cute! 

And yes, both chairs are safe to sit in, regardless of what Ken says. 


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  1. OH the chairs look amazing! I think I love the first one more!! It looks more vintage. =) You get the craft award for the year...


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