Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have a strong inner junk goddess. 

Like, I will almost run off the road looking to see some curbside treasures kind of junk goddess. 

There is nothing like running into some old junk that is going to be thrown away and imagining what I would do with it. 

Unfortunately, my junk habit it not supported. However, my exploring habit it. 

I love explore old building, barns, and homesteads. 

I love it so much that when I was in college, I joined a semi-secret club that would explore old buildings at night. I can assure you that all we did was explore, and there was no old junk that fell out of the windows. We clearly waited until they put all that old junk by the curb and then had a field day with it. 
Pinky promise. 


On our way out of Mississippi last weekend, we decided to take a ramble down to Ken's Pawpaw's farm where the old home is. 

I had to trade my Yellow Boxes for a size 13 boot due to being an ophidiophobian

The old house is falling apart, but holds many, many years of memories. 

I am all about wanting to explore every inch and view all the details. 

The layers of wallpaper were beautiful, and I tried to imagine the whole room covered. 

However, my most favorite part of the home was the plank walls. I seriously could live the rest of my life with horizontal plank walls. They are so classic! 

Such beauty! 

Have a great week!



  1. All that horizontal planking would make awesome pictures frames!! My dad made some from beautiful 200 year old wood from one of the barns on the old home place in south Alabama and it is gorgeous!

  2. I could see you and Ken remodeling that place and bringing it up to code and spending the rest of your lives there!!!! Think of all the fun Toots would have running and playing! =) LOVE the pictures!!!


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