Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend Highlights ... Shooting Edition

This weekend we went home to Mississippi ...

Where I awoke to dogs barking and shots being fired ...

because it was the opening day of Dove Season.

I stumbled downstairs to the aroma of breakfast and fresh coffee ...

Where we shooed the men off so Mama and I could linger around the table sipping on our hot java and taking in the morning before finally eating breakfast at the lake house with Middle and our friend 45 minutes before lunch. 

That is how we roll. 

Don't you just love a slow moving Saturday morning?

We had to quickly make it to the annual dove cookout because the Grill Master said the grill was hot!

We visited, hugged, talked, and met new friends.

We stuffed our faces so well, we decided to do it again.

Since there where no doves, they did the next best thing - Skeet Shooting!

Where I do believe the girls out numbered the boys!

Where there were dueling in-laws

and out-laws



and Daddy, not only showing next generations how it is done, 

but also how to shoot a skeet

 as well as throw one

There were newbies to shooting

and those who were showing off their skills.

There was crazy sister pictures

and lots of posing with guns.

Although, I did not participate in shooting skeet, I did do a little shooting of my own. 

No doves were harmed during this shooting. 

Have a great week! 



  1. Haven looks like yall had a fabulous time! Loved the pictures! Can't wait to see you Friday! Pray for NO RAIN!

  2. LOVING that Mississippi State shirt, girl!!! Glad y'all had a great weekend. My dad was out shooting on Monday morning!! BTW, I love the way your photos tell a story... of course that could be why you're one of my favorite bloggers!!


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