Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cast and Crew of the Yellowstone Trip

Last month, we left on a jet plane bound for a little Hole in Wyoming called Jackson to meet up with the Hale Family for some sight seeing in GOD's meditation room called Yellowstone. 

We rented a Sienna van that we totally trashed out within 24 hours with ... 

lots of food, giggles, gas, laughter, mud, and napping. 

When you go with a group, often times they develop natural roles. Here are the hats that we wore. 

Poppa Hale: navigator, giggle-maker, take-care-of-the-restaurant-manager, and resident daredevil 

(Middle took this - the professional)
Mama Hale - map reader, peace keeper, and resourceful sandwich maker ...

(Middle took this - the professional)
Me - Amateur Photographer, Snack Ass, and Pringles Taster

Ken - back up navigator, go-getter, map reader, and back up Pringles Taster

(Middle set this up and allowed the amateur take it)
Middle Sister - Professional Photographer, resident napper, and owner-of-taking-her-sweet-time-which-led-to-amazing-photographer-much-to-the-aggravation-of-Baby-sister


Baby Sister - Albino Bear, resident Facebook updater, Sienna van loudspeaker, monk watcher, ground squirrel tamer, 

and Daddy's partner in crime. 

as well as sunglasses breaker! 

Fun memories, lot of laughter, and great times! 

Stay tuned for more on this fun family trip! 



  1. Creative! Brook is talented!

  2. Such a fun post! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I hope you are going to post some of your amazing pictures on here, too! =)


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