Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Highligts

As you can tell from above, we were at home this weekend and having a great time.

(As he was posing, Ken came up with the header, and I could not help but giggle the whole time and think it was genius!)

We had a nightly "shooting the bull meeting" out on the patio.

while watching the sunset.

Ken hid Tootsie's ball in the tree and posed for a picture.

We did a little home improvement ...

and have no idea what we are going to do now with our steps. 

We went to Lowes and about got knocked over by a woman trying to shoplift some Aqua Globes. Seriously.

She got busted in the most polite way and let go, and I am not sure how long I stood there watching the free entertainment.

We ate cobblers out of mason jars ...

and tried new recipes:

(which I think I had too much seasoning, and we did not like it as much)

(As I was fixing my bowl, I just happen to see my husband making a fool of himself as he inhaled this great dip!) 

Clearly there was a thing for cheese this weekend. 

We worked on another project,

and took mug shots.

Who knew cleaning with a sock was so easy! 

I definitely had a poser on my hands! 

Tootsie thinks she has crazy parents. 

We watched vegetables jump out of the garden, and was amazed out the bounty! 

We took naps and stayed up late watching mysteries. 

I marveled at how smart my husband is by using an old hair dryer to create this light. Who knew you could do that?

We dreamed about future projects and thoroughly enjoyed our weekend. 

Tomorrow, we will celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss with $5 Bang Bang Shrimp down at the Bonefish.
This is full circle, because the night we got engaged, we went to Bonefish. I had my first taste of Bang Bang, and I don't even like shrimp, but love this! 


  1. I love reading about your weekends. Moments like these are priceless. Can't wait to see what you do with that light fixture! Happy Anniversary, Daniels!

  2. Oh, and I had my first bang bang shrimp Saturday night. LOVE at first bite;)

  3. That first picture of Ken... priceless! LOL I love a good weekend at home. Hopefully we will have one soon. =) And kiss Toots for me... LOVED the pictures of her!


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