Friday, June 15, 2012

Being My Husband's Girlfriend ...

Currently, I am a summer housewife, and I am loving it! Now being a summer housewife that hasn't had the blessing of children yet, entitles me to go on overnight business trips as my husband's girlfriend. 

A girl could get used to that. 

(Now, don't worry. Tootsie's babysitter was available, and Tootsie was in good hands.) 

Ken wined me and dined me while introducing me to his colleagues. 

We then spent the rest of the evening here. 

where we quickly scared off a pair of 9 year olds with all of our hooping and hollering down the water slide. 

Now there is one thing to go swimming in the hotel pool, but when it has an actually curvy water slide we where all like, "Wave your hands in the air if yous a true playa!" 

We slipped, slided, and slid some more. We did hand stands, saw who could swim the longest (Ken), and played a riveting round of can you do this?"

We were in the middle of alligator twists when the 9 year olds came and busted us. 

We then jumped in the hot tub and sat like 30 year olds and pretending that we weren't the crazy adults in the pool. 

It was probably a good thing that we got busted, because I was about to challenge Ken to a cannonball competition in which I would have came out as the winning champion in all my glory while holding my nose.

Happy Friday!  



  1. How fun are y'all?! Is there a youtube video of this? :) What great memories you're making.

  2. Are you at the Marriott in Muscle Shoals?? I have find memories of a work trip or two there myself with vendors buying me strawberry daquaries (sp) and some dude played his guitar and sang to us while we chilled at the pool! I'll never forget he fun that was had there!!

  3. I commented from my phone and clearly can't type! Sorry for the jargon!! Haha

  4. Sounds fantastic and like how Kev and I would be!!! Awesome pool, too!


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