Thursday, May 17, 2012

That's A Wrap

Due to all the celebrating that we did this weekend, I wanted to share with the cute creative wrappings that I did. 

Now, I have never really been the one to really add a lot to the wrapping, heck, I cannot even make a proper bow. I can make some fabric flowers, and I decided to use some leftovers on this ...

along with the brown wrapping paper that I used at Christmas, some yellow yarn

 and a leftover branch from my fall decor.

I then began to play with various fabrics and hot glue to wrap our mothers' gifts for Mother's Day. 

I used a tattered flower in the middle of some fabric that I fluffed and hot glued together to make a flower. 

Felt makes the best fabric for whimsical flowers. This one was very easy to make! Just follow the steps to the tattered flower, except fold it in half, and cut on the crease. Take and roll, hot gluing along the way. 

What a fun way to celebrate with a brightly wrapped gift! 

The last one is a baby gift that includes a growth chart and a baby headband. 


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