Monday, October 3, 2011

Tattered Flowers

The flowers that I made for our front door wreath were fairly easy to make, but took a lot of time. Let just say I finished a third of True Blood Season Two and got half way caught up with The Closer. AKA - It took all day.

Cut 1 - 2 inch wide strips of however long you want. I cut 2 x 24 inch strips. The longer you cut, the bigger and fluffier the flower.

I used fabric and burlap here, but you can also use felt. This blog made a really cute belt out of felt.

Then cut notches about 2/3 down.

Because I wanted texture, I combined my fabrics. I found that it worked best if I glued my fabric one onto the burlap. Make sure you work on a surface that you don't mind a little hot glue.

Next roll and hot glue ever so often.

Just fluff ...

And you have a cute little tattered flower!

Tomorrow we will twist and roll!



  1. These flowers are so cute! I totally can see why they took you so long though. I think it was worth it! :)

  2. Haven, the fabric and burlap look so beautiful fringed together! Where did you manage to find orange burlap? It's perfect!



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