Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Ladies

I've got friends in high places ...

Where they have friends of a friends garage full of glassware. 

And because my friend knows my love of old glassware, she grabbed a few things, hopped a plane, and flew back as fast as she could to share. 

I got great friends, don't I?

So lets take a look at my booty, not that one, mind you. 

She initially texted me about the beautiful pink plate. 

In which I said, "Yes," instantly, but I was also coveting these beautiful bubble glasses. 

I mean, why would some one want to give these away?

I can already imagine what I am going to do with them. It would involve flowers, of course. 

I love the edges. 

And when she finally asked if Lea Ann or I wanted the glasses, I swooped down on these because I know that Lea Ann is a quick one. 

Love my booty - both of them! 



  1. Oh I am jealous!Both of those pieces are beautiful!

  2. Those glasses are to die for! Love it!!!

  3. Oh I love those! I think my Mother Russell use to have some like that. Awesome!!


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