Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plantin' and Singin'

I could not wait any longer to buy my plants for the hanging baskets and containers, so Ken and I loaded up and headed to one of the local nurseries.

Since I had already scoped it out the weekend before, I knew exactly where everything was. It did not take me long to bring home these.

And hook up the solar panel outdoor radio that Ken built himself.

I do not even attempt to understand all of this, but I do know how to hook up the ipod and speakers.

It is fun to plant with your favorite jams in the background.

Hanging basket with Superbells, Verbena, and Squash Vine - all perfect for full sun areas.

Window boxes with begonias

 and impatiens

Pink begonias

Verbena and vinca

Hot pink geraniums

Superbelles and purple queen

Superbelles ... I am anxious to see how these will do! I like that they are heat tolerant.

Double petunias ... one of my favorite discoveries last year! I like the reddish and white colors in this.

Verbena, again.

For the most part, I picked out plants that could survive in full sun since most of my house, especially the behind, gets a lot of sun.

Some plants, like my inpatiens, are ones that I know will do well where they are, however, I am trying out new plants to get a little variety and of course, expand my horizons.



  1. First of all — I'm impressed Ken!! Second, Haven the flowers are beautiful. I saw on the weather statement this morning that we are suppose to get close to freezing tonight, which means y'all probably will so take care of those babies! I'm gonna probably drag my huge ferns in the garage just to be sure nothing happens to them.

  2. Solar outdoor radio? That's so cool! Wow, you guys are a talented pair! And your garden looks beautiful!


  3. I love this!! Verbena eh?? Love them! Didn't know they were full sun babies!! I learned something!! Yippee!! I haven't purchased my babies yet, but I've been scoping things out!! :-) Love this post!!


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