Friday, April 13, 2012


So are you noticing a trend in plants? Apparently, I have missed them more than I thought during their rest period.

I had several plants in different baskets and pottery around the kitchen. After one mishap of over watering a basket, which led to the husband to over wig out when he saw water on the floor THAT HAD BEEN THERE ALL DAY, I decided to use some clear glass containers that I had to create a terrarium.

(Ken cannot stand standing water on anything. Granted, he was the one that accidently flooded the kitchen a while back. I was so glad it wasn't me.)

You may have spotted the terrariums in my kitchen reveal.

I found the tutorial here, and had everything on hand except for charcoal.

Granted, I realize that terrariums look better with smaller plants, I used what I had and went with it.

I love the layers of rock, sand, and potting soil.

It seems so much more streamline and clean looking!

Also, I was surprised to see this beautiful bloom on my Thanksgiving Cactus. It may be an Easter cactus as well!

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