Monday, April 9, 2012

Planning the Vegetable Garden ...

Like, I mentioned in my Buds and Blossoms post, I have been planning our gardens since last fall.

It has changed a lot, but I am pleased with my decisions.

This year, I have decided to expand my horizons.

You expand your horizons your ways, I will expand my horizons my way. Name that movie.

Right now, I have some different types of lettuces and some broccoli in a small section of our garden.

However, I have bought seeds for squash, zucchini, Italian and regular green beans, and okra. I will buy my tomato plants later on.  I am just wanting for the last frost, if we even have it, to pass, so I can get my planting on. I don't even know if I can wait that long.

I will also make trips to the farmer's market so that I learn to can and create a pantry full of food for winter.

I so sound like a squirrel, don't I?

I am up for the challenge, and ready to spending my mornings getting my hands dirty much more than I did last year.



  1. Your green thumb is shining through girl!! My dad said we all know we will be doing 4th of July... the garden will be ready to be picked. Yay for peas, corn, squash, butter beans, and sooo much more. One day I want to get brave enough to grow our own lettuce and herbs! I'll have to come visit to get lessons... lol

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