Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Highlights and The First of the Week ...

Friday, around 3:15, I may or may not have been seen doing cartwheels in the school's parking lot celebrating the fact that it marked the beginning of spring break!

Ken was going out of town on a grown up bachelor party, so Tootsie and I had the weekend to ourselves in which we did what we wanted to.

She wanted to walk and play ball, and she got her way.

In between, I finished up my Spring Cleaning (Yay!!!). Shelby, M'Lynn, Truvy, Claree and Ouiser helped me clean out my closet.

After all this activity, I may or may not have attacked some chicken and biscuit crackers like they were on fire and I was the extinguisher. Tootsie may have been my sidekick.

Saturday evening was filled with some Downton Abbey, in which I am a new addict. I watched the whole first season by Sunday afternoon, and just accidentally purchased Season 2 on Amazon Instant. Truly, it was an accident.

I gleefully skipped through Bennett's Nursery and picked out beautiful plants that I am sure that I will share and soon as I can muster up the energy to download them off my camera. It takes so much time.

I spent time at another nursery asking 10,000 questions about planting my garden.

I like to go to different nurseries so that I don't become the "Norm" of one.

However, my garden, my garden! Details soon, but I am super excited!

I have also been to Lowe's, Tractor Supply, and Lowe's again.

Hopefully that will be my last trip this week at least.

I have made two terrariums, some pimento cheese, organized my Pinterest boards, and watched a little of Kathie Lee and Hoda.

This is my reward for teaching middle school.

Middle sister is coming back from Africa tomorrow, and we are anxious to hear all about it. Right after we scrub her from head to toe after going barefoot in the jungle. Only Middle would do that. Me, I would have found me some banana leaves and a vine and made me something cute.

That is all for now!

For the rest of the week, I plan on planting some more things, make a project out of burlap and lace, meet some friends for lunch, interview for the house wife position, and take daily naps.

I will also walk the Tootsie girl and play as much ball as she wants.



  1. Interview House wife position? Explanation! :)

  2. I so love DA too! It's such a good show!

    Lemme know how the house wife interview goes and if you have any tips on keeping the position. :-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope your Spring Break is going great!!

  4. I love it! My spring break flew by. It was over before I could snap my fingers. Savor every moment of it!

    Hope you enjoy this time to be off and enjoy your baby dog as Gail from the Wesley use to say and your home and garden! :)


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