Friday, March 23, 2012

The Tale of Tootsie and Her Tennis Ball

Hello, my name is Tootsie

and I love my tennis ball.

I am normally on the go

and often drop my ball so that someone will play with me.

While I wait, I roll in the grass.

But on this particular day, my parents were too busy to play with me.

I smile with hope ...

but then decide to chew on my ball because no one would play with me for entertainment

I think that I will see how far I can go with my chewing.

I like how this feels.  Just keep chewing.

If I step on it, will it make me chew faster?

Wait, is someone coming?

Why, no!

I think it is time for

Total Destruction!

Mission accomplished!

That will teach them not to play with me. Now, no one can play with this ball.

The End.


1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA!!! The destruction a lab can do! Sweet Toots!! She is the perfect model for photos! Give her a kiss for me! =)


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